CBS Fall Line Up 2013-2014

CBS is keeping up with the rest with many new shows added to their line up for the fall. Here is a breakdown of what you will see on CBS this fall.


8 PM “How I Met Your Mother”

8:30 PM “We are Men” (NEW)

9 PM “2 Broke Girls”

9:30 PM “MOM” (NEW)

10 PM “Hostages” (NEW) – Mid-season “Intelligence” (NEW)



9 PM “NCIS: Las Angeles”

10 PM “Person of Interest” (NEW TIME)


8 PM “Survivor”

9 PM “Criminal Minds”

10 PM “CSI:Crime Scene Investigation”


8 PM “The Big Bang Theory”

8:30 PM “The Millers” (NEW SHOW)

9 PM “The Crazy Ones” (NEW SHOW)

9:30 PM “Two and a Half Men” (NEW TIME)

10 PM “Elementary” 


8 PM “Undercover Boss”

9 PM “Hawaii Five-O” (NEW TIME)

10 PM “Blue Bloods”


8 PM “Comedy Time Saturday” (NEW)

8:30 PM “Comedy Time Saturday” (NEW)

9 PM “Crime Time Saturday” 

10 PM “48 Hours”


7 PM “60 Minutes”

8 PM “The Amazing Race”

9 PM “The Good Wife”

10 PM “The Mentalist” 

For more information on CBS fall line up visit or



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